Comments of artists from the famous Eregnaye drama


It’s excellent that you want to become a better actor if you’re reading this. If any of us want to have a successful acting career, we must all continue to study and develop as performers. So let’s get started. How can you quit acting and start living when acting is all about being able to live honestly in made-up situations? Here’s how to improve as an actress. I thought acting was all about showing when I first started performing at the age of 13 or 14. I actually believed it was all about braggadocio. Unfortunately, I received laughs and applause as payment for it. Unfortunately, I say that because it led me to believe that entertaining the audience came before telling the story. A few years later, I realized something wasn’t right as I was acting in my first semi-professional play. I was the main character in Nick Enright’s play Blackrock, which deals with serious issues and dark topics. My quest to learn how to stop behaving began at this point. Here is what I discovered. Realizing the significance of the story is the first step in understanding how to stop acting. As performers, we frequently take a play, movie, or television show’s plot for granted. After reading the screenplays and imagining the vibrant characters, we begin to consider how we may “make it more fascinating” or “do something different.” Unfortunately, such ideas frequently result in poor decisions—decisions that detract from the tale rather than make it stronger. The most crucial aspect of your job is telling the tale truthfully, so if you want to avoid acting, keep that in mind.

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