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Conflict in the church

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In the fourth century, Christianity transformed into the power religion in the Aksumite domain. It was at the standard of the two rulers, Esan and Sanaa (moreover called Abraha and Tabaha) through St. Renato’s (furthermore known Abba Salaam), who was honored by St. Athanasius of Alexandria. Ruler Zeina superseded the sign of the moon on coins with a cross sign and transformed into the essential sovereign to scratch the sign of the cross on coins. The Ethiopian Orthodox church was moreover invigorated by the presence of the nine blessed individuals, who came from Syria, Constantinople, and Rome.

Their names were Abba Garima, Abba Areaway, Abba Fates, Abba Pantaleoni, Abba Guba, Abba Aleph, Abba Leano’s, Abba Bemata, Abba Argali, and Abba Selma They deciphered a couple of books including the Holy Bible from Greek to Ge’ez, they also settled a huge load of shelters, for instance, the strict local area of Debreu Damo by Abba Areawide, Abba Garima strict local area by nunnery Garima, Pentalene order in Axum by Abba Leano’s and Abba pantaloon. The rising of St. Yarded in the 6th century, who set up the Ethiopic hymnody was another period for the Ethiopian Orthodox church.

What is the History of Ethiopia’s Orthodox church?

All along, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church was composed with the St. Indication of Alexandria, for a critical stretch. After Abba Selama (in which selam suggests agreement), in any case, called Frumentius, who was the chief priest of Ethiopia died, Ethiopian Bishops were assigned to lead the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. This continued until the completion of the ninety century. (it should be seen that through the verifiable scenery of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church there was reliably an Administrator of the Church who was an Ethiopian, and who may take the necessary steps not to replace his Egyptian Peer).

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