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Conflicting regional statements and unresolved discussions

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The withdrawal of Eritrean soldiers from Ethiopia. also, the Conflicting territorial assertions and uncertain conversations. Ethiopia is our basic home and legacy. Mr. Obang expounds on the new law implementation in Tigray such that distances himself, minimizes the double-crossing assault on Ethiopia by TPLF, and a clue to fault the Federal government. Understanding Mr. Obang’s content makes me can’t help thinking about what befell his conviction of TPLF as the guilty party of a significant part of the agony in our nation of the last 30 or more years.

Mr. Obang’s record of the law implementation tasks makes light of the treacherous and hazardous nature of the danger. Additionally, it neglects to perceive the unavoidable idea of the reaction of the government. More awful is the cases of allegations that the government impeded admittance, shut down the web and media transmission make Mr. Obang astutely adjusting himself to the stories of powers wishing to compel Ethiopia to capitulate.

Mr. Obang appropriately asserts that the new and unabated winding of savagery annihilating and disturbing life just as causing stress in bigger pieces of the country. Be that as it may, tragically, Mr. Obang neglects to address the mind-boggling nature of the wellspring of brutality in our general public.

Genuine that he drills down spots and episodes where brutality has happened however leaves to convey perusers comprehend the intimidations a general public on the move is confronting. We have a profound situated bad form, maladministration yet additionally are confronting outrageous pressing factor of force get through polarizing character legislative issues and radicalization from the inside and powers of separation rule from outside.

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