Congratulation to artist Meseret Mebrate

A race finished, a dream job obtained, a new house, a significant promotion, a minor triumph…One of life’s greatest pleasures is witnessing a loved one succeed in their goals after much effort and hope. The best approach to honour that individual and acknowledge their accomplishment is to send them a congratulations card with a heartfelt handwritten note. You’ll find ideas and advice for creating personalised messages in this guide for a range of congratulations occasions and recipients. Our ideas have been arranged according to what they say and how they convey it. You are welcome to read the entire manual or to skip to the suggestions that will work the best for you and the recipient of your congratulations. What do you do when someone close to you achieves something wonderful? You do congratulate them, though. People love to be praised and admired for their efforts, whether it be for a job well done, a gorgeous home, or the birth of a kid. I can hear you questioning how this translates into professional life. You could feel the urge to congratulate your coworkers when they obtain a better position, a promotion, or a pay increase.

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