Congratulation to the famous tiktoker Kal she is going to be a mom

One thing is for certain—having my child was not the end of my life. She gave me a reason to live and inspired me to set and achieve goals. I wasn’t the only one who needed to worry anymore. It wasn’t going to be impossible, but I understood things would change and it would be more difficult to accomplish ambitions like going to college. Let me be clear: I am aware of how fortunate I was to have a strong support system in place, including my (now) husband’s parents, pastors, and friends. But I am aware that how I would let the cards I had been dealt affect my life was ultimately up to me. It’s challenging to grow up with a developing child. You must learn how to raise a human being while also raising oneself. You probably haven’t yet mastered the ability to make mature decisions and you still don’t have a mature mindset. However, if you questioned me, I would claim to be an expert. But upon reflection, I can now see that I was clueless. comparable to purchasing a Wii when we could barely afford diapers God willing, my husband and I have matured since then. Everyone will have questions, whether they are new parents or have been planning for their family for years. The battle is genuine! Everyone, including you, is doubting their ability to parent effectively. Nobody among us wants to harm our child. Age is irrelevant.

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