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Congratulation to the kidist birhane

The Agew are believed to be the original occupants of much of Ethiopia’s northern highlands, who were either pushed out or assimilated by semitic-speaking Tigray and Amhara peoples. They belong to the AfroAsian family’s Cushitic branch. There is a group attempting to advocate for nonviolent opposition to the Quemant people’s Amharization, as well as their self-dignity and self-rule. From approximately 900 to 1270, the Agew people dominated Ethiopia during the Zagwe dynasty. The Zagwe monarchs chiseled churches from the rock. Many Agew are multilingual, speaking both their native tongue and Amharic or Tigray. The majority of Awis are farmers. Except for the North Gonder Zone Awis, the Awi culture is similar to that of the Amharas.

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