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Controversial Street Question

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Hailu Keflex was brought into the world in 1984 in Dessie and continued on from AAU, School of imaginative work and Design in Graphics.

Hailu is working for the Entoto TVET school Fine Arts Department as an Assistant Lecturer and at the present moment, he is working moreover at AAU as a Part-clock.

Finally, he participated in different execution and social affair Art Exhibitions.

Workmanship Statement

I love history. I need to enrapture history than other data.

I appreciate and respect our father’s understanding, energy, and obligation.

The theme is STAMP my point of using the stamp is to respect our arrangement of encounters, what the word use that the stamps pass on can mean for the individual fulfillment.

(Especially sociopolitical part of current time) I also hope to enable us to question and survey the decisions.

The School of imaginative work and arrangement validation 2006

I was born in 1982 in Ethiopia, I am moved NATURAL and ARTIFICIAL Art and Communication Both development and workmanship are viewed as counterfeit in that they are made by individuals through an imaginative activity that transcends the typical patterns of any leftover living organic entities.

Science intends to know; craftsmanship endeavors to convey well society’s, social school that is accessible to all. Workmanship also serves as a channel of verbalization to convey, raise, and understand our inside conflicts, fears, and strains similarly to our desires, assumptions, and objectives. life us a skilled worker by participating in various innovative and social activities I moreover paint and drawing using particular material I contemplate the media and space, that I ought to convey and reflects my show-stoppers in my studio inferable from I growing further conviction that and can best be utilized to begin support social changes.


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