Cooking competition between the diasporas on Mirtu Gebeta

Your family enjoys cooking? After watching food shows, reading publications, and flipping through cookbooks, are you looking for family cooking competition ideas? If your dinner conversations revolve around ingredients and new dishes to try, you’re undoubtedly prepared for a cooking competition. Why not take it to the next level by holding a family cooking competition? These tips can help you prepare your kitchen. After reviewing several ideas for cooking competitions, you can determine which one is best for your family. Is your family up for a secret challenge in which the ingredients are a surprise? Or, are you interested in a theme challenge, in which the judge requests a meal of his or her choosing? Next, establish the regulations. Set a time limit for the challenge and inform the contestants if the food must be served in a specific manner. Discuss how much emphasis will be placed on flavor and how much emphasis will be placed on look. Teams may consist of one or two individuals, depending on the number of participants. Encourage your cooks to don chef’s hats and aprons to get in the spirit for cooking if they desire to dress the part. Remember that safety is the number one rule for a cooking competition. Children should work with an adult or be assigned tasks that do not include hot surfaces or sharp objects.

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