Couples who got married sounded by their kids

Many people have the fantasy of getting hitched to their best friend. That union of closest friends in holy matrimony is the marriage of a fairy tale. As the saying goes, make friends before you fall in love. and that friendship is the foundation of happy marriages You might have overheard someone mention how they wed their best friend, or you might even have suggested it. Well, I wouldn’t claim that many people do because I didn’t wed my best buddy. We weren’t best friends when my wife and I got married, but we were close. In actuality, before our relationship became serious, we were probably better friends. The dynamics shifted a little, but I’m glad to report that our friendship was eventually revived. Here are three methods to make your dream of marrying your closest friend a reality. This means that your relationship and the way you engage with your spouse today will be different from how you do so in five or 10 years. Your partnership will undergo a lot of changes over time. Your love for one another will, however, develop through time, just like a plant that receives care and attention thrives. Being friendly is something we stress to our children as we educate them how to make friends and network. You will draw in other friendly people if you are friendly yourself. The same rule holds true for our marriages. In marriage, you will almost always get back what you put into it. We must act as the friends we want our wives to act if we want to be married to our best friends. We should pay attention to our wives if we want them to listen to us. We should prioritize our spouses’ needs if we want them to prioritize our needs as well.

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