Cute hair dos for every type of hair

Most of us can agree that having a great hair day boosts our confidence, but nature sometimes seems to try to work against us. Having a collection of cute hairstyles on hand is usually a good idea when your natural hair isn’t falling in the right spots. Avoid the hot tools and try some no-heat hairstyles if you don’t want to get up at 5 a.m. to sear your strands into submission. We rounded together the best no-heat hairstyles for short hair, long hair, and everything in between, ranging from heatless curls that can be done overnight to quick hairstyles that can be done first thing in the morning. Most Ethiopians are known to proudly exhibit photos of traditional hairstyles in their homes, but they avoid wearing them themselves for fear of being considered as primitive. The hairstyles have been preserved since the Ethiopian Post Office published a collection of stamps depicting several tribes many years ago. The regions of Arussi, Bale, Begemedir (Gonder), Shoa, and Kaffa have different and stylistic haircuts. Some of these hairstyles were worn by ancient Egyptians, Pharaohs, and Nile Basin dwellers. In actuality, several habits and cultures, such as headrests and sistrums, are still practiced in Ethiopia that are no longer prevalent in other parts of the Nile Valley. Men prefer Afros, while women have varying hairstyles depending on their age. Their hair, on the other hand, might be braided. Several of these classic hairstyles are unknowingly worn by African women.

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