Dagi and Marlita on heart to heart part 1

There are many ways to get support. You could help someone who is having trouble standing or walking physically, or you could help a family member who is struggling financially. Additionally, other types of support are crucial. Your close friends, family members, and coworkers can all lift your spirits by providing you with social and emotional support. Offering sincere support, reassurance, and compassion to others is one way that people demonstrate their emotional support. Verbal or physical displays of sympathy or affection may fall under this category.
Religious and spiritual institutions, social activities, and even your pets can provide emotional support. This support, in whatever form, can enhance anyone’s outlook and general wellbeing.
Being emotionally supportive is a talent that some people have, but it’s not a talent that everyone has. It’s not sufficient to merely pose inquiries. Another crucial component of offering emotional support is actively listening or empathically listening. You give someone your full attention when you truly listen to them. By exhibiting open body language, such as turning your body toward them, relaxing your face, or keeping your arms and legs uncrossed, you can convey interest in what they are saying. avoiding interruptions, such as using your phone or thinking about other tasks you have to complete. Instead of interrupting, nod in agreement or make noises of agreement. requesting explanations when you’re unsure of something. Providing a summary of what they’ve said to demonstrate that you understand the situation well. Having effective listening skills demonstrates to others your concern for their circumstances. Knowing that another person has heard their suffering can make a significant difference for someone who is struggling.

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