Dagi and Samson still in love after 10 years

Your life is no longer solely your own. Evidently, it belongs to everyone. Consider what transpired between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Funny, since I don’t read about celebrities, but I notice it everywhere. It’s genuinely annoying, and I couldn’t care a rat’s ass if they stayed together or separated, but it seems like this news has captured the attention of the entire globe. And their poor kid, who is still a child and has no idea why her mother and father are divorcing, is the subject of much discussion. That makes me sad. I wouldn’t want to have a child born here in front of everyone. Some well-known people thrive on the spotlight and even utilize it for good by aiding the weak, bringing attention to problems and organizations, or adopting a kid from a developing nation. However, other people use drugs, make poor financial decisions, engage in self-destructive behavior, and do a variety of other stupid things that only serve to demonstrate that they are undeserving of our attention. People enjoy spreading myths about famous people. Sometimes it doesn’t matter, but other times people may say truly hurtful things about you, which may have an adverse impact on your life, your prospects, and your family. Imagine being famous and being forced to be around individuals you’d rather not be with. That’s awful. That is something I wouldn’t want to handle. Celebrities frequently have to spend a lot of time away from their friends and loved ones. A superstar must live a lonely life, in my opinion.

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