Dagi found a young man who is taller than him

Some physical, social, and economic benefits are available to tall persons that may not be available to shorter people. According to certain research, height is associated with an increased IQ, more income, and a decreased risk of diabetes, dementia, and heart disease. There are certain benefits to being a tall man or woman, aside from the amusing ones like being able to reach items on the top shelves of the grocery store. Height and IQ may be related in some way. A 2014 University of Edinburgh study that looked nearly 6,000 participants revealed a tenuous link between a higher IQ and height. The association most likely arises from the fact that taller people are typically from healthy backgrounds (we’ll get to that later), which accounts for their higher levels of education. A bright mind has less to do with height actually producing one. In either case, the study’s findings indicate that having a higher IQ than someone who is shorter than you is more likely if you are tall. Although it seems absurd and unlikely, the researchers also ascribe the results to widespread statistical variations: In conclusion, you shouldn’t place a lot of reliance on the idea that being tall makes you intelligent. and no and and no and no. and no. and no. and no. and no. and no. and no. and no. and no. and no. and no. and no. and no. and no. If statistical trends are studied over a significant amount of time and over many different geographic locations, tall persons are statistically more likely than their shorter peers to be hired as managers and leaders.

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