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Daily Ethiopian News 12 August 2021

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Update on the circumstances of Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia. “Harmony is significant for us all. At the point when the public authority announces harmony, the junta should acknowledge it and save the existence of individuals. Something else, the public authority has an obligation to ensure its kin. Addis Ababa Inter-Religious Council Secretary, Pastor Tamirat Abegaz said the greatest endeavors were made by strict pioneers to stay away from the superfluous conflict.

Endeavors to push this nation ahead and bring harmony and thriving have, in any case, flopped because of the intolerable assault on the National Defense Force and the philanthropic emergency that followed. Some unfamiliar government endeavors to destroy the nation can’t be acknowledged, he demanded.

“We Ethiopians should reinforce our fortitude both at home and abroad. There might be political contrasts. There might be contrasts in language and identity. Be that as it may, presently we should set these aside and work together to save Ethiopia.” More than 200 strict establishment agents went to the gathering.

Addis Ababa Islamic Affairs Supreme Council President, Sultan Aman Ebba said on his part harmony is fundamental for everything, to all gatherings, to all issues. However, the TPLF didn’t regard the public authority’s one-sided truce. In this way “we need to help the military that is kicking the bucket to shield the sway of the country with all that we have. We support the military, prepare and petition God for harmony however much as could be expected.”

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