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Daily Ethiopian News May 18, 2021

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It is to be sure deplorable to take note of nowadays that there has all the earmarks of being a deliberate mission to apply unjustifiable pressing factor against Ethiopia. Notwithstanding the steady endeavors by the Ethiopian government to connect emphatically and productively on issues and concerns raised by accomplices, it is being treated with chilling disdain. That is the reason the Ethiopian government is being compelled to scrutinize the thought processes of a portion of the accomplices, especially given the public articulations and declarations they made as of late.

They appear to be shy of showing a certified longing to comprehend and assist Ethiopia with conquering its present difficulties; rather, they would just be counterproductive and fueling circumstances. Those assertions and professions just as the phony news and hypotheses proliferated through the media say a lot in such manner. It is in this connection that the Ethiopian government discovers it totally essential, indeed, to make its position unequivocally clear on the absolute generally significant and notable issues.

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