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Daily Ethiopian News May 4, 2021

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OLF gave an assertion concerning the proposition confirmed in the place of Representatives. Armed force Chief of Staff, General Birhanu Jula, Naval Force Commander, Admiral Kindu Gezu, and military attachés of different nations managed the event. The logo is accessible in red, white, and yellow where the red represents penance and preparation, the white addresses harmony, information, sweat, and personality, and the yellow implies trust for the country and its kin.

The disclosed logo is an anchor, which is a global image of the Navy, and a lot of olives that uncovers its undaunted limit. Ethiopia’s Naval Force disbanded after the nation lost its admittance to the Red Sea right around thirty years prior to following the severance of the then-territory of Eritrea. Presently the country is endeavoring to reproduce its maritime power as a feature of military changes.

In a select meeting with ENA, Advisor to the Minister, Biruk Taye says two new administrators are required to join the market as the delicate has effectively been submitted a week ago. Ethiopia has gotten two offers including Africa’s biggest telecom administrator, MTN, and the world’s biggest telecom with 700 million supporters, Vodafone/Vodacom and Safaricom.

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