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Daily Ethiopian news on 15 March 2021

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People got with illicit cash in Mekele. Agent Director-General of EBA, Wondwossen Andualem said some media are misusing the circumstance Tigray in a halfway, uneven, and off base way.

Some media which have been given unbound admittance to the locale are dispersing doctored narratives intruding with sway and solidarity of the country and serving intrigues others, he said.

Reports of some worldwide media in regards to the circumstance in Tigray are sorry and sketchy in the light of morals and standards of news-casting, he added. The Deputy Director-General added that solid proof shows that a few writers who were conveying falsehood about Tigray have been discovered to be in union with the removed TPLF Junta and its chiefs.

He said the authority has so far gave notice letters against some media that disseminated lopsided and incidental news and related yields accordingly endangered the prosperity of the country and drummed out certain writers who did so reaffirming status to take similar measures on those on a similar boat.

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