Home News Daily Ethiopian news update on 8 March 2021

Daily Ethiopian news update on 8 March 2021

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Competitor Derartu Tulu’s new activities. The 43rd commemoration of the triumph was praised at Ethio-Cuba Friendship Park yesterday within the sight of Cuba’s minister and welcomed visitors.

It is to be reviewed that Siad Barre, the military ruler who managed Somalia for a very long time, battled against Ethiopia with the vision to build up Greater Somalia that joins all Somali-talking countries by holding onto Ethiopia’s region.

Assembling a huge number of local armies Ethiopia retaliated and pursued the attacking armed force and caught every one of the zones that were involved by the Somali armed force on the fifth of March 1978.

Previous individuals from the military who took on in the Conflict of Karamara disclosed to ENA that the war cost lives yet Ethiopia was regarded as it directed the antagonistic armed force from its domain. The military officials likewise said the Ethiopian armed force showed astonishing accomplishment by obliterating the attacking armed force ashore and air.

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