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Dereje, Asres and Seifu’s funny acting

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Specialists Seifu Fantahun, Dereje Haile, and Asres Bekele’s entertaining acting. I see three alternatives to stay away from hot oil from pouring out on the oven and making further harm. The principal alternative is to keep away from the fire out and out. The subsequent choice is to keep the top all around shut to forestall the bubbling oil from emerging from the pot. Furthermore, the third alternative is to manage the strength of the fire. Which one will you pick? Clearly, the third choice is the awesome.

The thing with the initial two choices is that they don’t need your time venture expected to watch out for the pot, be consistently cognizant about the situation with the pot, and apply some exertion in maintaining things in control. With the third choice, one should be continually aware of how much the oil is heating up, the strength of the fire, and of the exertion expected to maintain things in control.

During this season of the political decision, let us make sure to pick the third choice talked about above. Leave us alone aware of our feelings, which whenever let to finish opportunity, can make us all address the cost that we can’t manage. These are times where we ought to be aware of our feelings, our activities, and their results. By watching out for the pot of bubbling feelings, we can make this time a memorable time for our country!

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