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Different beauty standards around the world

Our notions of what constitutes “beauty” differ greatly around the world. If ever you needed evidence that beauty is subjective, go no farther than this particular gallery of images. The results of the journalist Esther Honig’s request for Photoshop editors from around the world to alter her face in accordance with their nation’s beauty standards are quite illuminating. Although our fixation with beauty is a global one, the ways in which we define it locally couldn’t be more dissimilar. We’re examining what being “beautiful” means at home and abroad in an effort to dismantle barriers to beauty. The final terrifying item on this list is a tiny waist above a perky derriere. Absolutely no pressure! These are some of the qualities that women in Western culture aspire to the most, despite the fact that most cis-women find them to be unrealistic. And while the battle for a healthier and more realistic body image is on, most of us still find ourselves stocked up on push-up bras, waist trainers and yoga mats. The emphasis is on stronger, more muscular hips and legs, with special emphasis on… you guessed it! the thigh. Here, if exercise and nutrition won’t cut it, many women are willing to go under the knife for implants aimed to perk up those signature South American assets. Brazilian ladies are renowned for their spontaneity and seeming ease with sexuality in addition to their physical beauty. There’s something intrinsically seductive and self-assured about these South American stunners, despite all the hard work that goes into those perfect beach bodies.

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