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Divorced Ethiopian Artists

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1. Entertainer Etsehiwot Abebe

Etsehiwot Abebe is a renowned entertainer and model in Ethiopia. She is additionally known for creating perhaps the most-sat in front of the TV arrangement called “Dana”. The wonderful entertainer has been selected for and has won a Guma Award. She was hitched to a financial specialist named Tesfa Kiros and had two youngsters with him. Shockingly, the marriage was not effective and finished in separation in 2017.

2. Creator Yismaeke Worku

Writer Yismaeke Worku is an acclaimed Ethiopian writer who is most popular for his work “Dertogada” which has left something in the hearts of all Ethiopians who have perused this book. The creator met his now ex when he was in auxiliary school while she was simply in elementary school. They were seeing someone every year and wedded straight after. “After his books were distributed,” says his now ex “distinction and achievement came to his direction and he began evolving. He began drinking intensely which made him an entirely unexpected individual.”

3. Craftsman Shimeles Abera (Joro)

Craftsman Shimeles Abera has separated from his significant other Rita Wogayehu and the explanation behind the separation is Rita’s doubt of him having an unsanctioned romance with Artist Ramon Nigusse. However, Ramon claims that the two are only colleagues on the TV show “Yebet Sira” and have no other relationship and that Rita is the one in particular who is liable for her bombed marriage. The way that the two got together for acting practices regularly is the thing that stimulated Rita’s doubt.

4. Competitor Tariku Bekele

Competitor Tariku Bekele, whose name is raised close by that of his sibling in the Olympics, is a proprietor of gold awards from both 5000 and 10000-meter rivalries. His wedding in 2002 was known to have been sumptuous and costly and his marriage was honored by the introduction of his girl. Be that as it may, this marriage just went on for a very long time. In 2006, he separated from his then-spouse and in 2009, he got hitched to a lady named Adugna Gobeze.

5. Craftsman Tilahun Gugsa

Popular for his parsimonious character on the TV arrangement “Betoch”, craftsman Tilahun Gugsa had separated from his then-spouse Helen Tadesse two years prior. Helen was exceptionally dynamic in the diversion and film scene and dwells in the US. Despite the fact that the marriage has been honored with four kids, Helen had finished the marriage by saying she has been enamored with another man for a very long time.

6. Craftsman Genet Nigatu

Mulugeta Jawari and Artist Genet Nigatu had gotten married and lived respectively for a very long time. Through this marriage, they were to be guardians of three young men and one young lady. During their separation, the court decided that Mulugeta pays 8,000 birrs for every month for kid uphold. At the point when Genet became ill, he assumed the liability of dealing with her and their four youngsters. However, after her recuperation, she guaranteed that he had not paid the youngster to uphold cash controlled by the court.

7. Craftsman Solomon Bogale

“I was destined to reign in Ethiopia through acting,” says the craftsman. However his significant other oppose this idea. She left with their two youngsters to begin a daily existence in Australia yet the all-around regarded entertainer decided to remain behind with his little girl relinquishing his family for his profession. “I intend to compose a personal history and I trust my children will comprehend,” said the craftsman.

8. Artist Abebe Teka

His previous spouse Etagegn Mulaw was an artist for the Debub Gonder diversion gathering and the artist has recorded a considerable lot of his adored melodies for her. At the point when he attempted to enter the US through Italy, he was imprisoned for a year and eight months in view of his unlawful visa. After his sentence was finished, he wedded Etagegn and had three children with her.

9. Artist Ejigayew Shibabaw(Gigi)

The popular and dearest artist Ejigayew was separated by her previous spouse Bill Laswell and through a court administering, is currently unfit to see her kid. This has influenced her own life seriously as she would secure herself alone and misuse substances. Albeit some who have visited her case that her wellbeing status isn’t that awful and that she is anticipating composing a book.

10. Previous public football crew player Getahun Mengistu

Getahun, alongside Ashenafi Girma and Yordanos Abay, had played for the public group and a group in Yemen for a very long time. Despite the fact that he and his better half had known one another and had been together for a very long time, their marriage was not fruitful. Subsequent to heading out to Metehara and back to settle a contention among him and his significant other, Getahun asserted that he got back to a vacant house and that his better half had taken everything.

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