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Dj Li is saying enough is enough

Some people have a revolting propensity to blame their dislike of anything on “gender equality.” Take into account all the other concerning news stories about how women are increasingly acting like men, including stealing, acting aggressively, and binge drinking. Male behavior has reportedly changed from what is expected of men. Think about Kay Hymowitz’s worries that men are acting more like boys. Isn’t it true that we are all troubled and confused by the issue of gender equality? People generally respond negatively when it appears that men and women have “changed places.” Is that actually the case, though? Let’s take a closer look at the evidence. First of all, as Peggy Drexler points out in that piece, you can’t expect your spouse to answer truthfully in a survey if you can’t trust them to be loyal. Studies also suggest both men and women cheat at rates that are likely higher than those suggested by survey results. Most married people cherish monogamy and refrain from it, according to surveys. Generally speaking, neither men nor women commit sexual offenses. If we believe that the statistics are usually accurate and that either more women confess to adultery or more women really do it than in the past, the reason why becomes readily apparent.

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