Do this before you wash your hair

Make sure to massage hair oil into your scalp and hair two to three hours before washing your hair. For this, you can use coconut, olive, or mustard oil. The majority of shampoos have harsh components that might remove your hair strands of their natural oils. Before washing your hair, oiling your hair can help combat this issue. Before shampooing, detangling can help with knotted hair. This is the time when your hair is dry and the knots are simple to eliminate. When your hair is wet, it is challenging to untangle. Weak and more delicate, wet hair is also more likely to break off. By separating it into four portions, you can untangle. Always brush your hair before taking a shower. This promotes the scalp’s blood flow, which lessens hair loss and keeps pores from becoming clogged. Additionally, it can lessen split ends. Before using shampoo, give your hair a thorough rinse for a full minute. Give it a good minute of soaking in water. In this situation, use lukewarm water to help the pores open (hot water can dry out your hair). Before and after applying shampoo, wash your hair with warm water. The scalp’s pores are become more permeable by warm water. Rinse your hair with warm water before conditioning it. Check that the water is not scorching hot because doing so might burn your scalp and harm your hair. But after you’re finished, rinse your hair with chilly water to seal in the moisture, close the cuticles once more, and leaving the hair smooth and glossy.

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