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Do you want to know his true feelings for you

Every romantic relationship has a turning point where you start to wonder, “Does he love me?” You have certainly had a lot of time together. You are aware of all his favorite films. You have a better understanding of who he is now that he has given you a sufficient number of stories about his experiences. He has also performed actions for you that, in your opinion, he wouldn’t ordinarily perform for others. But what exactly does it all mean? Is he growing to like you? Will this result in anything significant? Is there a chance he’s developing feelings for you? Maybe he’s there already. We wish we could respond to you directly. But it’s not quite that straightforward, just like everything else in love and romance. While it’s possible for some romantic feelings to manifest in loving deeds and behaviors, it’s not always the case. You may query him. However, given that you are present, that is most likely out of the question.
Perhaps you’re too afraid. You have no idea what kind of response you will receive. It’s very possible to be rejected. Furthermore, posing such a significant query runs the risk of derailing everything from the get-go. You’re at your wits’ end as a result. Whatever your motivations, you are dubious about the intensity of his feelings for you. Not to worry. This happens frequently. After all, we are all unique individuals. It’s impossible to read another person’s mind. The good news is that there are cues you can look for to gauge the intensity of his affection. He may not always be clear in his verbal communication, but you can always rely on his behavior, particularly when it comes to his priorities. The problem is this. His career, family, friends, and personal objectives are just a few of the things that keep him busy. And yet, you discover that he still puts you first.

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