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Do you want to know if he loves you or not

Finding out if your crush reciprocates your feelings is one thing, but trying to determine if the person you have developed strong feelings for has felt the same way can be even more intense. Yes, we are discussing how to determine if they are in love with you. Finding out whether the person you’ve been dating or hooking up with has the big-time feels can be pretty difficult, even though we’d like to say it’s an easy question to answer. Of course, you can always ask them directly. Asking someone if they love you is the best way to find out. One of the things that will help your relationship the most is learning the art of direct, clear communication. Speaking up about your feelings, particularly the strong, romantic ones, might sound eerie, but holding back or waiting months to find out how your partner really feels probably won’t help. There must be open, honest, and direct communication about each person’s feelings for the other in order to stay grounded in each other’s realities. So yeah, the simplest way to find out if someone loves you back when you have those deep feelings for them is to be honest with them about your feelings and hope they reciprocate. However, since dropping the Love bomb first can be extremely terrifying and difficult to pull off, you might want to engage in some covert espionage to learn what sort of feelings the target of your affections might be harboring. Bullock says that if you’re trying to determine whether your partner loves you, there may be a few important signs to watch out for. Even if your partner hasn’t formally stopped saying “I love you,” that doesn’t mean they aren’t feeling all the feels.

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