Doctor Sahlu is reunited with his family after 12 years

Any child’s relationship with their mother is extremely important and special. Things are a little different when you have a son, though. The relationship mothers develop with their sons is something that neither those who have it nor those who do not can fully comprehend. It’s likely that the mother has already noted how unique their bond is. Every day, the bond that has been established gets stronger. Because she has nothing else to compare it to, a mother who only has boys may not be aware of how profound this connection is. When referring to a son who is close to his mother, the phrase “mama’s boy” may come to mind. That may be the case in some instances, but the mother-son bond is strong and has nothing to do with the son being a spoiled brat. The Yin and Yang Principle may have contributed to this unusual relationship. All things are inseparable opposites that contradict one another. a fine balancing act between opposing forces. that within each person, we are all connected. As a mother raises her son, the energetic opposites that coexist in each of us can be balanced and amplified in positive ways. Some mothers may believe they are experts on their daughters. Because they were once young girls themselves, they are constantly one step ahead. Yet when it comes to their sons, it’s like a completely different planet. Boys are much less likely to engage in high-risk behaviors when their mother and son have a close relationship. A big part of this is predicated on mother-son connection. Mothers are crucial to their sons because they foster a secure and loving environment at home.

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