Don’t be sad God has prepared everything for you

Are you enduring a waiting period? Do you desire that God will take you to the next stage of your journey? Are you prepared for God to fulfil his promises in your life? It’s difficult to wait on God’s timing. His timetable rarely coincides with the one we want. However, even if it can be difficult to wait for him, his timing is usually impeccable. Nevertheless, I’ve had to learn the hard way that I can’t run my life in the same manner. God has other things in mind for me. I’ve tried to create timelines and set deadlines, but I’ve only been able to watch in dismay as milestone after milestone went unmet. Waiting is difficult. I’m confident in God’s destiny for my life and eager to relocate. God never makes mistakes. He has a reason for everything he does. Sometimes we must wait while God synchronises the other parts of the plan. Sometimes we have to wait for God to straighten out our own heart’s puzzle. Despite our best efforts, there are instances when we simply aren’t prepared to move on. We still have a lot to learn, adjust to, and develop. Take comfort in these five strategies to wait patiently on God’s timing if you’re in a waiting season. Keep reading the Bible, especially during waiting periods. A season of preparation is often present when there seems to be waiting. It can be that God is preparing the path in other ways, or it might be that our hearts need some work.

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