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Don’t be trust people….they told me not to tell to anyone

There’s a good probability you have trust issues if you’ve ever said, “I don’t trust people.” This phrase may be used by people to express a lack of trust for strangers on occasion, but it may also reflect a more significant problem with trusting anyone at all. When you trust someone, you are expressing your belief in their dependability, honesty, and integrity. For partnerships to flourish, there must be some level of trust. 1 But it’s not always simple to trust others, and it might be more difficult the deeper the relationship and the more exposed you have to be. Trust is more than just having faith in other people’s honesty. It also entails exposing yourself to risk and having faith that people will behave honorably and according to your standards. That can be a lot to ask, and not everybody is ready or willing to take the chance of exposing themselves. Being unable to trust others can result from a lack of universal trust. Your capacity to trust other people in society is referred to as generalized trust. This kind of trust is crucial for social interaction and fostering a sense of community. It has favorable effects, including higher self-rated health and happiness, according to research.

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