Don’t listen to these words from him

Dealing with manipulative people is painful and draining. Other manipulative strategies may leave you feeling nervous and guilty, while techniques like gaslighting may cause you to doubt your perception of reality. Ignoring a controlling partner, friend, or loved one may seem like the greatest approach to free yourself from their control, but doing so may make the manipulator go into overdrive. We’ll go over everything you should be prepared for, what manipulators do when they’re ignored, and how to deal with this person permanently. A manipulator who feels neglected may retaliate by acting aggressively, such as by spreading rumours about you or making repeated phone and text calls. A manipulator may seek to harm your reputation by launching what are well known as “smear campaigns,” which involve the propagation of unfavourable rumours and lies about you. Sometimes those who manipulate do it to steer the narrative or present themselves in a favourable light. An attempt to purposefully make someone feel guilty about something is called guilt-tripping. They may: Give you the silent treatment in an effort to get in touch with you again if you don’t give in to their deceptive schemes statements along the lines of, “After all I’ve done for you, this is how you treat me?” or insults with a sly undertone like “Wow, this is really mature of you.”

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