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Dr Abiy Ahmed’s speech about his New Book

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Dr. Abiy Ahmed’s New Book. Nonetheless, the Auditor-General minimized the reaction of the administration, refering to the rail line’s achievability study which clarifies the task will recover its unique expense of development inside 10 years.

“The attainability study has been deficient and it was led without gathering sufficient data,” the Office of the Auditor-General commented. “This, combined with the shortfall of an upkeep community to fix the trains that need fix and different variables, have added to the misfortunes supported by the light railroad.”

The light railroad was worked by China Railway Engineering Corporation Limited (CREC) and was worked by Shenzhen Metro Group Company previously. As indicated by the Office of the Auditor-General, albeit the activity began with 40 trains, 24 of them have on normal been dynamic during its initial four years of activity.

As of late, Liability and Asset Management Corporation has been lawfully settled to direct the obligation of state-possessed endeavors, including the Ethiopian Railway Corporation which owes CBE 56.7 billion Birr as corporate securities, as of the finish of the last financial year.

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