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Dr. Abiy reveals what he has hidden so far in parliament

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Representative, much a debt of gratitude is in order for your talk on Ethiopia on the senate floor. Just a short time earlier, the Ethiopian government uncovered that 22 between time administrators had been killed by TPLF holdouts and another 20 stretch specialists had been seized by AP, “Ethiopia says 22 nearby specialists killed by Tigray rebels”. In the midst of such a test nearby and as Ethiopia prepares for Democratic political race on June 21st and amidst a lot of troubles going up against Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, the US Foreign Elite headed by Dr. Susan Rice (behind Mr. Anthony Blinking) are inclining up their strain on Ethiopia and its accomplice Eritrea, both engaging the illicit terrorizing of TPLF holdouts. These TPLF holdouts attack help accompanies, hurt structure and disappear into everyone, then turn cry foul about horrifying presences and nonattendance of altruistic aide. On the other hand, the Ethiopian government has been sending heaps of grain to Tigray and endeavoring to settle the region, as you appropriately point out by the contention started by TPLF. Notwithstanding, with its outsized financial chest ravaged from Ethiopia, the TPLF has had the choice to buy the lobbyists of any similarity to Von Batten-Montague – York to affect your partners in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee; it’s anything but’s a keen educating ploy regarding diverting thought from its Terrorist activities to sexual hostility and various evil entities (nobody supports such violence, yet why there are no phony tears for all the uncontrolled sexual fierceness that has been going in Zaire). In addition, the TPLF is using all the media affiliations and official channels it has set up all through the latest thirty years to put out its message and degenerate the image of Dr. Abiy Ahmed as Nobel Laureate who started the contention. As you know nothing, could be further from the real world. Additionally, instead of giving some help to this young, truly Democratic pioneer, rather the US has conveyed the Ethiopian battle to the UN and has been reprimanded, passed an objective in the Senate, passed travel impediments, and yesterday President Biden sort of “mentioned” the Ethiopian government to stop it. It is baseless to see my organization, as an Ethiopian American, remaining at work recent hours to undermine the impending political race and comparing, as you evidently put, the guilty parties of evil to the public authority of one the humblest and certified head of Ethiopia, and promising head of Africa running free. The response for the Tigray issue is for the TPLF to stop its dread based oppressor activities and let people of Tigray live in congruity like the rest of Ethiopia. Much gratitude to you again for going to the side of Ethiopia in its time of shortage.

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