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Dr. Abiy sent a message in Arabic

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The mystery of the previous race among Egypt and Sudan has been uncovered. Ethiopia’s Minister of Water, Irrigation, and Energy (MoWIE), Seleshi Bekele said on the issue of GERD at the United Nations Security Council meeting, “We’re managing a hydroelectric dam project, which isn’t the first of its sort on the planet. We are building a supply to store water that will create power by hitting turbines. For setting, GERD supply is two and half times less than that of the Aswan Dam.”

The priest added, “What recognizes GERD from different tasks is the degree of expectation and goal it produced for 65 million Ethiopians that have no admittance to power. It’s likewise special in light of the fact that the development of the Dam is financed by the blood, tears, and sweat of standard Ethiopians.”

The clergyman went to clarify the significance of GERD for Ethiopia’s turn of events, offered insights concerning the idea of the debate, and encouraged Egypt and Sudan to go to the exchange table under the umbrella of the AU. The clergyman finished up his comments by saying, “The Nile has a place with every one of the half billion individuals in the 11 riparian nations. The water is sufficient for us all. Ethiopia produces 77 billion meters 3D shapes of water each year. It is quite reasonable that we seize a little part of the yearly inflow for its hydroelectric Dam. We encourage our Egyptian and Sudanese neighbors to comprehend that a goal to the Nile issue will not come from the Security Council; it can just come from great confidence arrangements under the support of the AU with due care for the prosperity and advancement of one another.”

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