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Dr. Arkebe received unexpected support

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Inhabitants of the recently shaped Lemikura sub-city of Addis Ababa City Administration have whined that there are no surveying stations in their areas. Inhabitants of the recently shaped Arabsa apartment suite space of the recently framed Lemikura sub-city of the city organization have whined to the Ahadu radio that there is no surveying station in their woreda to project their voting form papers for the impending public races.

Ahadu radio reacted to inhabitants’ grievances and mentioned the Ethiopian National Electoral Board. The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) has said it won’t deal with authoritative changes after the political decision plan. The recently framed Limukura sub-city will likewise incorporate the past sub-city and woredas, National Electoral Board Public Relations Adviser Soliana Shimeles revealed to Ahadu radio.

The Commission, involved prestigious specialists from everywhere the world, is dealing with a report that will fill in as a guide for policymakers, teachers, and students on what current and comprehensive instruction ought to resemble later on.

In the gathering, individuals from the Commission examined the different updates in crafted by delivering their last report. The individuals likewise talked about the input from a progression of public interviews which will enhance their report. The last report will be introduced in November 2021 at the UNESCO General Conference. The Commission was framed on the edges of the 2019 United Nations General Assembly.

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