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Dr Sileshi Bekele on GERD

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General Director of General Adoctrination of the General Mohammed Tesema said that the video was conveyed by the experts of the Board to affirm everybody.

As indicated by him, the bunch of Radical TPLF was unequivocally destroyed by the movement of approval of the law. Nonetheless, a piece of the remaining parts of the Board is at present seeing as hoodlums by warding the wooden terrains and the theft, for example, forfeiting people without blame in specific bits of the area, he found him.

“The homicides of ordinary residents have expanded in Tigray. The homicides of people have a spot with the system. The association is currently doing acts against individuals in all out pieces of the nation.” Likewise, the remaining parts of the Board have additionally been doctoral killings finished by the Board as though they were committed by public protection powers and scatter controlled accounts.

They met through the assortment of acts by three distinct craftsmen in better places for the last expert in the last trained professional, the show through which they made the complaint by controlling the world as though the saved forces had forfeited to the aggressors of TPLF.

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