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Dr. Sisay Mengeste about the incident In Ataye and Majete

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Yegna tube meet with Dr. Sisay Mengeste about the new occurrences that happened in Ataye and Majete. Delegate Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke illustrated a scope of issues remembering the military activity for Tigray, a boundary contest with Sudan, and the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

Demeke advised the designation on the helpful circumstance in Tigray and the nature and motivation behind the law authorization the government completed in the locale. With respect to Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Demeke said that Ethiopia needs to adhere to the three-dimensional arrangement which is in progress under the sponsorship of the African Union.

Demeke informed the agent on the genuine circumstance in Tigray to reveal insight into the disarray that the US Government recently had about the military activity in the district. Agent Premier Demeke likewise told the designation unequivocally that Ethiopia doesn’t need any impedance in its law authorization activity in its region and clarified Sudan’s animosity in line territories of the country.

The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Dina Mufti, who went to the conversation, said that the up close and personal gathering was chosen to clear disarray woven by different components and empower the US to know reality with regards to what is truly on the ground.

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