Drink it for 4 days and get rid of 5 illnesses

Everyone has heard to drink a lot of fluids when sick, but we need more information: what should we drink? Which beverages aid in effectively halting a cold? What drinks can you drink if your nose is constantly running to stay hydrated? Which herbal teas boost immunity the best? Registered dietitians have been brought in to help us figure out which cold-busting beverages will work. They have revealed the best beverages to sip on while sniffling because they contain nutrients and ingredients that have been shown in studies to strengthen your immune system and ward off a cold. Take a pack of tissues with you the next time you go grocery shopping, and don’t forget to pick up these ten sick-friendly drinks. Whether you’re sick or not, water is the number one beverage that everyone should be guzzling. Given that water makes up up to 60% of the human body, it stands to reason that we require a lot of it. Water is necessary for every bodily process. Even more importantly when you’re sick, it helps flush out toxins. Your immune system needs to be well-hydrated to function at its peak. Water helps move metabolic waste and dangerous substances out while delivering nutrients to our cells for energy, growth, and proper functioning. Although you may require more or less, you should aim for 8 cups of water each day. Add fruit or fresh herbs to your water to make it more flavorful. Keep in mind that foods high in water content, such as fruit and vegetables, can also help you stay hydrated.

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