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Easter prices of Butter Chicken Lamb Goat and Bull in Addis Ababa 2014

Easter is one of Ethiopians’ most important holidays. The majority of the time, a holiday results in a rise in market prices and a scarcity of items. The country’s political turmoil is now also adding to the price hike. Bizunesh Amare, 47, a mother of three, looks forward to the holidays because her three children and four grandkids visit her. Because she resides behind Amce Area, Shola Gebeya is the greatest and closest spot she visits on a regular basis, regardless of the season. Derbi Girma, who is selling hens and eggs, is negotiating with her. Derbi has been selling chickens and eggs at the same market for over ten years. Derbi is demonstrating a chicken to Bizunesh in order to sell birds of her choice. He received a price that was within the range of what he had been selling his hens for: 350-400 birr before Easter.
Despite the fact that most people do not want to get a rooster so early, folks like Bizunesh visited Deribe. It was neither an increase nor a decrease in the price of chicken at the previous Ethiopian Christmas. According to Deribe, the rise is minor, with a 50 birr margin. Deribe also sells eggs, and the price of an egg is 4 to 5 birr, which is comparable to the price during the last Christmas holiday, whereas food products have increased. This holiday season, a kilo of red onion costs an average of 25 birr, up from 17 birr last year. The majority of the key spices used in the creation of Doro Wot -chicken stew have also increased slightly. According to Fikerte Dejene, who sells various spices in Shoalla Gebeya, the price of most spices has remained consistent in comparison to the previous holiday market. Cardamom, on the other hand, has increased in price and now sells for up to 400 Br a kg. Another item, garlic, was offered in the range of 60 birr to 65 birr per kilo, with no increase during the same time period. Berbere, a red pepper powder, has also not changed in price since the beginning of the year. A kilogram of Berbere costs 120 birr. The market for edible oils is doing better. A liter of locally prepared edible oil costs between 65 and 75 birr.

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