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Easter program with Meheretab Assefa and Chernet Senay

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Nahoo TV uncommon Easter program with Bekuresebakiyan Meheretab Assefa and Likalesanat Chernet Senay. We concocted working with well known people and influencers to put a focus on Zembil and make it stylish. [They] were all glad to be essential for the mission and we’re truly thankful to every one of them. Despite the fact that it looks as though all the emphasis is on Zembil, our principle objective is to advance the utilization of economical and down to earth options like handbags and for individuals to settle on a cognizant choice not to utilize plastic packs. It’s everyday practice to be given plastic sacks when purchasing something and individuals need to consider the result of the plastic they will utilize one time and dispose of,” clarifies Meron.

The mission likewise includes occasions like the one hung on Earth Day at Alliance Ethio-Francaise that highlighted numerous without plastic and climate well disposed choices right now accessible around there. Elective Addis, a drive that upcycles glass squander into containers and cups, MAFI, who delivered Zelaki handbags, Azi’s Choice, and Nobel Cup, a reusable feminine cup that is more practical than different other options, were all present at the occasion. A tailor helped convert texture into sacks for the members. “Frequently we hear individuals saying choices are costly and we needed to show how effectively we can make them from old materials with a basic visit to our local tailor or even do it without anyone else’s help.”

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