Easy methods to have beautiful toe nails

You can try some quick and efficient at-home remedies if you don’t have time for a professional pedicure. These treatments not only save time, but are also simple and economical to perform because they can be done with inexpensive items you might already have at home. Put some bath salts or Epsom salts in a bowl of warm water, then soak your feet there for five to fifteen minutes. Trimming toenails and removing calluses will be much simpler as a result of the skin and nails being cleansed and softened. After your feet have dried, gently file any corns or calluses with a foot file tool or a large nail file. File corns and calluses with gentle hand pressure until the skin feels and looks smoother. A podiatrist may occasionally need to professionally trim larger corns and calluses, particularly if they are painful. Avoid using callus shavers because they could bleed and cut healthy skin. Use an exfoliating foot scrub product to gently massage your feet to remove dead skin cells and reduce rough skin. Make sure to avoid getting hurt. After using, thoroughly rinse. Apply your preferred lotion or cream once your feet are completely dry. Use a thicker moisturizing product, like a heel cream or balm, on areas that are prone to cracks or calluses. You can create your own scrub if you’d like to: Baby oil and lemon juice should be combined in equal parts with two tablespoons of sea salt. Olive oil, coconut oil, and canola oil are additional varieties of oils that can be used.

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