EBS journalists congratulating their colleague Liya

Send your best wishes for a new baby and spread a ton of love and joy. And given the extraordinarily happy event of a new baby, there is certainly plenty to go around. It’s more than just custom to send the family a new baby card to wish them well, whether the baby was born nearby or far away. It’s just plain polite. A new baby card might be addressed to the baby directly. Although it might seem goofy at first, if you really embrace it, you can have a lot of fun. When the infant is old enough to grasp the message, the message can be a really lovely keepsake if it is stored for the future. Even if your greeting is intended for the infant, make sure to wish the entire family the best. As an alternative, there’s nothing wrong with merely writing the new parents with well wishes for the baby. They will undoubtedly be the ones to get and read the card in the mail. They are also most typically the ones who need moral assistance throughout this sleepless period. It’s best to mention both parents in your card rather than just one if both are involved with the child. The baby boy in the oven is now finished! Congratulations on becoming parents to a boy who is so gorgeous. Congratulations on the birth of your son! You’re always on my mind, baby boy. And I will always be glad for the opportunity to see you develop. I understand how thrilled you two are to finally meet your new baby boy. Please know that I appreciate your excitement! Congratulations.

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