Efeta special program with Tena oil

Extraordinary gift readiness section five. Given by Tena Oil in cooperation with Arts TV. The African Mosaique PLC is principally a top-of-the-line design and attire creation undertaking and a product situated organization with tasks from Legetafo. The organization likewise furnishes mentorship and works together with best-in-class youthful creators and business people in the design and attire industry. The one-day occasion will include 10 driving and arising architects who will exhibit their item at the design show and north of 20 creatives who will take an interest in the Pop-Up. Visitors will get an opportunity to meet and hear rousing stories from the creatives just as shop.

It fills in as a stage to arising and set up Ethiopian and other African planners, by giving on-work preparing, the move of information, and showcasing open doors, through the AM style hatchery program, AMFI sent off in 2016. African Mosaique Design Center and Manufacturing Hub, the first of its sort in Ethiopia, will keep praising nearby ‘Made in Ethiopia’ Fashion while recognizing and advancing arising creators, by giving preparing, creating, and displaying offices, close by systems administration and business assistance.

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