“Egikefinij”Besintu chapter 1 episode 15

Businesses fear employing comedy in their interactions with customers, despite the fact that consumers want brands to make them grin and laugh. New experiences that make people grin and laugh are what people are looking for. Customers will actually reward humorous brands with loyalty, advocacy, and repeat business while shunning those that don’t. It is the top research organization in the world for the study of how stories function. Only a select few people, like Angus, have degrees in both literature and neurology. He is an authority on how the human brain employs emotion, creativity, imagination, and story in particular. He is the ideal guide to lead us on this exploration of why we laugh and how comedy makes us do so. It’s great to have you back in The Garden, Angus. Hello again. I adore it. I am aware that American and British senses of humor are very dissimilar. Therefore, we’ll have to go into that in more detail and have a Q&A session at the end. So with that, I’d want to turn the floor over to Professor Angus Fletcher for his Garden presentation on the benefits of humor for human happiness. I prefer escalators because they are indestructible. Only staircases may be made of it. A sign that reads “escalator temporarily out of service” should never be seen. The phrase “escalator temporary stairs apologize for the inconvenience” should always appear on signs.

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