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Eke (Nibret) sent more than 40 elder to ask his fiancé’s hand in marriage

Finding real love is the first step toward a great marriage. As a result, you’ll be able to return to the game and resume your journey. You can’t just rely on love to win. You’ll need more than love to attain your objectives. Love isn’t enough to sustain a long-term relationship. Our emotional stamina and general life abilities are put to the test when we get married. Many relationships, especially those founded on love, are plagued by persistent conflict and generally end in divorce since many of these skills were never taught to most of us. A successful marriage demands the development of a variety of emotional and life skills that complement one another. Keep in mind your strengths and shortcomings as you go over the list, as well as how you might improve. What is the most significant individual on whom I should concentrate my efforts in order to progress? What has been my most challenging or nearly impossible undertaking to date? Is there anything you think I’m missing? It’s about how well you can express yourself at any particular time. The ability to communicate simply and succinctly. Emotional control is the ability to control one’s emotions without causing harm to oneself or others. The capacity and willingness of a person to seek out skills that will assist them in managing their emotions when they are needed. The ability to cope with being apart from your lover from time to time. The ability of a person to spend time alone, away from other people, devices, or anything else that can keep them awake at night. Self-awareness and a willingness to make good decisions for one’s health.

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