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Elias Melka is not dead – Artist Leul Hailu

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Mabriya Matfiya – Interview with craftsman Leul Hailu on Arts TV. Elias Melka Geresu (10 December 1977 – 4 October 2019) was an Ethiopian record maker and lyricist. Elias became mainstream after effectively creating Teddy Afro’s introduction collection Abugida, which was delivered in 2001. Elias has made in excess of forty studio collections and has worked with numerous and the most inflectional artists in present-day Ethiopian music history.

Until his demise on 4 October 2019, he had assumed a pivotal part in the Ethiopian music industry. Elias Melka was brought into the world in Sebategna, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from his dad Melka Geresu and his mom Atsede Feleke and brought up in Abinet, Addis Ababa. Elias was brought into the world to Protestant families, and this drove him to turn into an individual from the congregation ensemble.

This put Elias in extraordinary energy for music, and he left the congregation subsequent to getting a handle on ordinary information on creating music. After this, Elias continued on his excursion and went to join Yared music school, which is in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to contemplate music studying cello, piano, and the customary instrument kirar. Elias was accepted to be the primary individual to present the act of studio music creation in Ethiopia. A portion of the craftsmen whose collections were made by Elias is Teddy Afro, Gossaye Tesfaye, Mikaya Behailu, Eyob Mekonnen, Zeritu Kebede, Tigist Bekele, Haile Roots, Gete Anley, Berry, and Leul Hailu.

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