Elias Shitahun at Tobiya Meskel celebration program

Elias Shitahun at the Tobiya Meskel festival. One of the events that take place the night before the Ethiopian Meskel Festival is called Demera. It is a campfire being burned. On the designated day, the celebrants light a fire in a bundle of sticks and release smoke into the atmosphere. The burning of the sticks may symbolize the passing of the past and the beginning of a new age. Nature itself renews throughout this month of September. After the Meskel, which often occurs on September 26 or 27, things shift, especially the weather. On the evening of last Saturday, Mesekel Square, a public gathering area, hosted the 2020 Ethiopian Meskel Festival. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, tourists, and foreign dignitaries. There have been some rituals and ceremonies to be carried out on this occasion. Some of these include the burning of demera, singing of the Psalm of David, choir performances, and rites performed by deacons and priests dressed in their traditional attire. One of the main Orthodox Church events in the Horn of Africa nation is the festival. The primary national celebration, which takes place on September 26 or 27, is hosted in Addis Ababa’s Meskel Square. Senior government officials, diplomats, and leaders of the Orthodox Church gathered on September 26, 2020, for the celebration of the Damera, which involves lighting bonfires to represent the smoke that guided St. Helena, Constantine the Great’s mother, to the location where the cross was interred.

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