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Emama lakech is thanking everybody that helped

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“Like mother, like daughter” is a phrase we’ve all heard, but we’ve never fully understood what it means. We all bear some physical likeness to our parents, but the physical resemblance can be surprising at times. Some of these photos will make you pause and take a second look since these daughters are spitting copies of their mothers. There appears to be a mirror between them, and instead of two attractive women, we only see one. We’ve put up a list of outstanding mother-daughter dupes that are sure to impress. So think again the next time you say you look just like your mum! It’s always potential that things will deteriorate. Or perhaps even better. It all depends on how you look at things. Reese Witherspoon and her gorgeous daughter Ava Phillippe are the perfect pair for the job. Take a look at how similar they are to one another! We can’t decide whether the mother or the daughter is more attractive. They’re both stunning, but there’s only one thing that concerns us. We’ll now move on to the next clone on our to-do list. We now have the honor of introducing Demi Moore, and apparently another Demi Moore. Their resemblance is amazing; they look absolutely same! Demi’s daughter is exactly as beautiful as her famous mother, therefore we may see her on the big screen as well.

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