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Emebet is reunited with her sister after 40 years

You put up a fight. You have fun together. You take turns “borrowing” one other’s clothing. You make fun of each other. You get your hands on your mother’s cosmetics. Growing up with a sister can be wonderful, but it can also be aggravating, like living with your best friend and the class bully all at the same time. Having a sister is likely to be the most love/hate connection you’ll ever have. Sisters, on the other hand, have an unbreakable bond. You know what you have, whether you’re the responsible big sister or the wild-child little sister, and no one but you should meddle with her. Here are some of the funniest and sweetest quotations about sisters from celebrities, novels, poems, plays, and movies to honor sisterhood. Take them for your sister’s next birthday card: You’ll both be able to relate to each other. Strangers were always polite, but sisters cared about each other enough to say anything. As you get older and closer, you can’t trust anyone as much as you do your sister, but they also have the capacity to hurt you in ways that no one else can. If your sister is in a rush to get out the door and can’t attract your attention, she’s wearing your favorite sweater. We will always fight, but we will also always make up. That’s what sisters do: they dispute, they point out one other’s flaws, blunders, and poor judgment, they reveal our childhood vulnerabilities, and then they come back together. Until the next time, take care. I’m the older sibling. Even if I don’t have anything, I want to make sure she has everything. It’s difficult. I’m in love with her much too much. That is what matters.

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