Emma Zinash and Zekaria’s father

You may improve your creativity with practise, education, and effort. You can concentrate on a variety of things to increase your overall creativity. To hone your creativity, try creative activities like reading, writing, and listening to music. Learn as much as you can while being receptive to fresh perspectives. Change your lifestyle to include more exercise, more sleep, and more walking to give your brain the boost it needs to develop your creative abilities. This test can be completed during slow periods at work. You are forced to think swiftly and creatively as a result. Draw 30 circles to begin. Create as many drawings of circles in a minute starting there. Despite the perception that doodling is a childlike activity, productivity can benefit from it. By enhancing your engagement with the outside world and attention span, this can boost creativity. You are more likely to stay focused when you are doodling than when you are not. You’ll be more creative the more knowledge you can process. While doing things that cause your mind to wander, doodle. Do some doodling, for instance, if you notice that your attention is wandering during a meeting at work. Additionally, you can draw in class during tedious lectures.

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