Emma Zinash has been a blessing for me

Being a good partner is essential if you truly want to be in love, be loved, and experience a bond that goes beyond the initial stages of curiosity and discovery. This means that you let the person you are with know they matter, and you do this without using words words can be important, but actions speak louder than words because if your words contradict or contradict your actions, they become hypocritical. First and foremost, treat your partner with the respect, honesty, compassion, consideration, and honor that you would want to be treated. And you know what, that is totally true when things do become tough sometimes. You should always be able to rely on your partner. You should be able to see through their worst just as they should be able to see through yours. However, you shouldn’t let being your worst self become your norm not even somewhat. Quite the opposite you ought to always do your best. If you don’t treat your partner with special intent, they will walk out the front door and never come back. You should treat your partner better than your best client. According to Newton’s third law, whenever one body applies force to another, the other body will also apply force to the first, but in the opposite direction and with the same magnitude.

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