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ENDF responds to the photo distributed by TPLF of captured soldiers

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News is being heard from Mekele and EZEMA’s press proclamation. At the point when it became inescapable that the dam will be occupied the subsequent time, nations have begun directing joint military preparing to battle Ethiopia. Henceforth, he said, the military was removed to support the boundary with Sudan. The choice for the military’s withdrawal was a political choice additionally proposed to permit ranchers to furrow their territory during the impending harvest season.

Bacha, as far as it matters for him, said that when the military involved Mekelle, it was the focal point of gravity from where political, financial, and discretionary choices were made. The objective at the time was to make an irregularity to the foe powers and obliterate them, he added saying that, when the military left Mekelle, it has lost its significance for the military.

Bacha likewise contended against allegations of killings by the military, saying the TPLF wore the military uniform and made the barbarities for just the military to be accused. In any case, later people, in general, began to remain against the military inciting them to assault regular citizens, which Bacha said will not occur as this isn’t in the idea of the tactical’s precept. Bacha additionally said that the military sent in Tigray added up to in excess of 50,000 warriors. In any case, keeping up with this power in Tigray while they are searching for 17 officers and 12 regular folks isn’t attainable, prompting the withdrawal.

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